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Home Gym Essentials: A Guide For Beginners

Having access to workout equipment at home is an easy way to maintain an active lifestyle. Maybe you have a busy schedule, or perhaps you travel a lot and need something portable? 

It’s never about why you work out; it only matters that you are, and you’re using the best equipment for your workout style

This list will give you all the equipment you need to know about in order to start the best workout routine.

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Sneakers and Yoga mat for home gym

Get Down With A Mat

Getting gains at home begins with having the proper setup. The main component of having the appropriate set up is to have the right mat for your needs. Having a comfortable mat to workout on will increase the length of your workout, especially while doing floor exercises like push-ups and crunches. 

Mats are great because they can be easily rolled up and stored away. They are also great for taking your workouts anywhere! Do you want to do yoga in the park, or have a relaxing workout by the beach? Grab your mat and be on your way!

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Let’s Jump (Rope)

Cardio is essential for having a well-rounded workout schedule. If you want to get your heart rate pumping and burn fat, cardio is the best way to do it. Having a good jump rope at your disposal can be a great addition to your workout. 

Maybe you are often in a time crunch? Or running just isn’t your thing. Jump ropes give you an opportunity for a quick workout wherever you can!

Getting in some rotations while watching TV can have so many health benefits and can be just as beneficial as going for a run!

When shopping for a jump rope, make sure to get one that is lightweight, but also maintains momentum to keep your training at peak pace!

Those Aren’t Dumb(bells)

If you want to see gains from home, grabbing a set of dumbbells is a great place to start. Adding dumbbells to your home gym routine will create an extra challenge for yourself and will get you to push past your comfort zone!

Not sure how heavy you want to go? A good option might be getting some adjustable dumbbells. With adjustable dumbbells, you can add and subtract weight during your workout. Add just a bit of resistance or max out your weight so you can push yourself past your limits.

Also, adjustable dumbbells take up much less space than an entire set! Store them under your bed or in your closet with no issues!

Do Resist(ance) Bands

Resistance bands are essential not only for home gym workouts but also for travelers who need to get their gym time in!

Resistance bands can be condensed into small packages that are extremely easy to take with you on as you travel! But that efficiency doesn’t sacrifice the gains you can achieve. Resistance bands can be just as heavy as free weights and have the same results.

The versatility of resistance bands is an asset to any workout. From upper body to leg day, resistance bands give resistance right where you need it most. They come in various weights, so if getting a lot of gains is the goal, you can opt for heavier bands. 

Resistance bands are among the most cost-effective options for a home workout, especially for how much you can get out of them. Treat yourself to a set of resistance bands and get your workout going!

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Resistance Band for home gym

Work That Pull Up Bar

Pull-ups are one of the most challenging workouts, and one of the most rewarding once you get them down! They require a combination of upper body strength and proper technique

This is a workout that requires constant practice, and having a bar in the house will give you the ability to practice at any time

An in-home pull-up bar can easily be placed on any door frame and save space if you don’t have a ton of spare floor space. 

The best way to see results with a pull-up bar is with consistency. If you commit yourself to using the bar to do one or two pull-ups per day, the speed of the results will be surprising. 

Ring That (Kettle) Bell

Swing that kettlebell to the beat of the best at-home workout of your life! Kettlebells are the perfect way to add weight to your workout and seriously tone up your muscles!

Add kettlebells to your squats or lunges, and you will definitely feel a difference. Even classic exercises like kettlebell swings are incredibly effective!

Kettlebells are perfect for your home gym setup because they can be easily put away and take up minimal space. They come in all different weights so you can purchase based on your needs. 

If you want to change the weight based on your exercise, then you can look into purchasing adjustable kettlebells! Like adjustable dumbbells, you can easily add and remove weight without reaching for a new kettlebell. Having the ability to adjust on the fly will make you perform at your best!

Colorful Kettleballs

The Workout Bench

If you are a weightlifter, getting a workout bench in a necessity to completing your at-home workouts. There are plenty of ways to achieve your goals without one, but workout benches help you get full range of motion and increase muscle growth.

There’s more to using a bench than just pumping iron; there are a variety of ways to implement a bench into your workouts. For example, split squats are a unique take on squats and the bench is used to support you during your set. 

Benches also provide a surface to get some stretches in after a workout!

To make it more comfortable and avoid injury, make sure you purchase a stable and secure bench. 

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Closing Remarks 

We can’t all have home gyms with weight machines and personal treadmills. But if you have the right equipment, living room workouts can be just as efficient!

All you need is comfortable and ample enough space to place a mat and a few equipment pieces. Soon you will see the same gains you accomplish at the gym, but without leaving the comfort of your home.

Weights and mat for home gym

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